When I look in the mirror

I often stop and ponder

Who is that woman that I see

Is she a stranger

who looks back at me

I see a woman who’s eyes

mirror her soul

Who has shed sorrowful tears

Yet I feel complete and whole

My inner thoughts are deep

But the words I share with you

Are yours to keep

I am a woman who is older yet wiser

But i am full of vitality

Who strives to see the world

More positively

A woman who has lived

Through stresses and strife

A woman who has embraced

So much in life

A woman who trusted

And has been burned

But from each experience

A lesson was duly learned

I am knowledgeable and knowing

But as yet,still learning and growing

A woman who too has loved

And who has lost

But the pain Incurred

Was worth the cost

A woman who is strong

But who has made mistakes

Who will admit whenever wrong

I am woman who cares

Who really understands

And who will reach out

To hold your hand

I am a woman full of complexity

But also of kindness

Love and empathy .

There is no other woman

I would aspire to be

This is the woman that I am

I am just me


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