As I lay me down to sleep ,
I dread another night of counting sheep
I toss and turn all night long ,
What on earth is going on ,
As the shadows slowly dance
across the ceiling ,
I hate this awful weary feeling ,

I listen to calming music
Read a few pages of my book
At that dreaded ticking clock
I take another woeful look ,

I close my eyes and try to lie still ,
But that’s not working ,
Should I take another pill ,
Hour after hour passes by
I’m so exhausted I could easily cry ,

Will I get up and make a soothing cup of tea
I feel so bleary eyed
I struggle to see ,
Jumbled thoughts in my head
go on and on ,
This is all so wrong
All I want is a peaceful nights rest
This insomnia is putting my health to the test .

I wearily watch night turn to day ,
Please God grant me a few hours sleep
I silently pray,



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