As I lie here in the dark of night ,
I see a misty tunnel of light,
A voice calls out gently to me
Please take my hand
and you too shall see ,

I feel my soul rise and drift away
as It leaves my body here on earth ,
I struggle less than I did at birth ,
I’m going towards a strange dimension,
But somehow it feels just so right ,
A beautiful rainbow of colours now in sight ,

I sense spirits all around ,
My feet not touching solid ground ,
I drift through clouds of billowy white
in a radiant sky of azure blue ,
Is this really happening ,
could this be true ,

Then I see loved ones
who have passed on ,
I reach out to touch ,
But then they are gone ,
Beautiful doves soar through the sky ,
Then everything blurs
And it all disappears ,

An angel touches me
and softly says
it’s not yet your time to be here ,
There’s so much more
on earth for you to do ,
She gently reaches for my hand
Come let me show you
the way back home ,
This was just a glimpse
of the promised land ,


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