So much pain and agony
But I’ve been trying so hard
to put on a brave show
When I was actually
feeling miserable and low
Months of endless prescribed meds
Feeling I was going off my head ,

Then my GP suggested
Trying Versatis patches ,
So my application for same
she duly requested ,
But this wondrous pain relief
I’ve been denied ,
Do the powers that be
know how often in agony I’ve cried ,

Popping 22 pills each day
As a result of my neuropathic pain ,
My stomach unable
to endure the strain ,
Head aches ,dizziness constipation , nausea , stomach cramping
My ailments now beginning to multiply ,
causing even more medical conditions ,
All of our plights falling
on the deaf ears of politicians ,

They need to wake up and realise
these are health and safety issues ,
Or do they wait until someone
can’t take anymore misery ,
This is not rocket science or a mystery ,
To know how we suffer ,
One must walk in our shoes ,
This unending pain is not a path
anyone would ever wish to choose ,
This was a bad cost effect decision
that needs to end ,
ProfessorMichael Barry please reconsider ,
Listen to the imploring message
that us sufferers send ,


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