It was fifty years ago
that this sad tale first began,
She was sixteen years old still just a child
carefree ,a little wild ,
She met a handsome boy
She thought they were so in love ,
he wooed her with his charm
Said He’d never allow her
to come to any harm ,

But six months later
his baby she then carried
he looked at her with eyes of hate ,
this he said this was not going to be his fate
told her she was now on my own ,
so off he ran and quickly skipped town ,

As her belly began to swell ,
how on earth her parents she’d tell ,
She kept the news for a week
But no other way out for her to seek ,

She finally told them of her tale ,
Her mother began to wail ,
Father ranted and started to shout
he was going to throw her out ,
On his family she had brought this shame ,
Their lives never again to be the same ,

They called priest to lecture her
Told her the baby she could not keep ,
So to a convent she would have to go
before the neighbours ,
Would get to know ,

Her pregnancy was hidden ,
Told it was a mortal sin
It was just forbidden ,
She arrived at the convent ,
With her belongings in a little bag ,
Her weary body she had to drag ,

Faced the Mother Superior
who was so dower and stern ,
Told there were lessons for her to learn ,
Glared and Said she was unclean ,
Told her this was not Gods way ,
So here for months She would have to stay ,

Said She had committed a mortal sin ,
Now her punishment was about to begin ,
To the laundry She was sent
Told shut up do not dare vent ,

Worked and toiled twelve hours a day ,
Understood She would not have a say ,
Never allowed to talk back ,
or on her back the cane
The nun would brutally crack ,

A few months on , and to her joy
She gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy ,
he gave her heart such a lift
Her beautiful son a true gift
For him her heart just so full of love

She stared into his bright blue eyes ,
Listened to his baby sighs
blew on a tuft of his blond hair ,
Counted his fingers and tiny toes

But three weeks later to her sorrow
Told he would be taken away tomorrow ,
She knew that this for them was just so wrong
She sat up and watched her baby all night long ,
To him a lullaby she sadly sung ,

She begged and pleaded for him to keep ,
They didn’t care just cruelly looked on ,
Uncaringly watched her as She wept
For her beautiful son
who gently slept .

Would he ever know
how much she wanted him , and truly cared ,
Such a short precious time
They both shared ,
Then that new day dawned ,
They pulled him cruelly
from her arms ,

Gave her no chance
to have that final glance ,
Of her beloved baby
She had named Jack ,
Would She ever get him back ,

The pain of her devastating loss
would always stay ,
Until they hopefully might find
each other again one day ,





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