I’m just so weary ,
it’s been a long night ,
There seems no end
to this weariness in sight
Mary has been so restless ,
And in a lot of pain ,
This isn’t easy for anyone ,
Its pure emotional strain ,
They call me a carer ,
But who cares about me ,
I sit and watch the hands of the clock
Listen to the endless noise ,
tick tock, tick tock,
Breaking the silence in the room
An eerie feeling of depressing gloom ,

We both worked and toiled
Our whole lives through ,
We saved hard to buy our home
Paying huge interest ,taxes and our dues
We did everything by the book
always did what we thought was right ,
A secure future for us we believed was in sight ,

But now for her nursing care
I have to fight ,
They tell me I must apply
for what they call a fair deal,
The bulk of our pension
And then our life savings they intend
to ravage and steal ,
And when that money is finally gone ,
Then a percentage of our house they will take

Is this really what they call Justice
and a fair deal,
I think not ,
Is this government for real ,
The harder you work and the harder you’ve tried
The more you are penalised for not living a lie ,
This is a flawed system applied
by the powers that be ,
It can only be considered a fair deal
if it applies to one and all ,
This I think most would agree

My wife is on a list ,
For residential care ,
But she needs nursing
twenty four hours a day
Now I watch as she lies there
In a troubled sleep ,
My heart is broken ,
I silently weep ,
Why has it come to this ,
I’ve asked for some aid ,
I try to do my best ,
But is it enough ,
I fear not ,
I’m so afraid ,

Each day a home help
calls in for an hour ,
This allows me time to freshen up
and take a quick shower ,
while she potters about
and does a few bits ,
Then she’s gone ,
And reality hits

Its just us again on our own
I talk gently to Mary but I don’t know
how much of what I say is understood
I find it difficult to gauge her mood ,
there’s so little reaction or response ,
I wish she could tell me
what she needs or wants
I Feel so helpless and lost
Without any hope ,
How long more with this ,
will I be able to cope ,



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