My name is David ,
Why am I not welcome in your park ,
Do you want to keep me in the dark ,
I’m just a little boy who wants to play ,
Go to the park every day ,
Play on the swings
and run around ,
This too is my playground ,
I didn’t mean to hurt your girl ,
I Didnt see her , I get so excited ,
My head in a whirl ,

So why then did you
shout at my mum ,
You made her cry ,
Why oh why ,
Now my mum is really sad ,
She knows I’m not bad ,
I’m just wired differently ,
I’m not able to speak ,
So some understanding
is what we seek ,

To my mum I’m special ,
I’m her little boy ,
She loves me endlessly ,
I bring her joy ,
My mum has for me
hopes and dreams ,
But life is not always as it seems
There’s often so much hurt
So much pain ,
Did you know David is my name ,

Life for us is very tough ,
So much stress ,
Endless pressure ,
Just say a kind word
A simple gesture ,
I wish you wouldn’t judge me ,
It’s not your call .


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