I sit here and think of you Mary
Our years of loss and pain ,
Wishing that we could have you
Here with your family once again
No answers to our dilemma ,
Just sad memories that now remain ,

A little girl who just vanished into thin air ,
Someone knows what happened
but do they really care ,
Mary and I are twins ,
A unique bond of love we shared ,

You were cruelly taken
in such a mysterious way
Our family chain now broken
For our family that was
a life changing day ,

Why won’t the powers that be
Listen to the truth of what we say ,
We need proper investigating
of that devastating day .
Time for cover ups and lies to end
We need clarity and exposure ,
The truth we need to have ,
We deserve final closure ,

So please remember our beautiful Mary
Who was an innocent
six year old little girl ,
End this life of cruel ,
turmoil and torment ,

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