It came in like a blast ,
The beast attacking from the east ,
Covering the country
With a blanket of snow ,
Just so white and freezing cold ,
But what a beautiful show ,
People panicking
To buy Milk and bread ,
Heating turned up full ,
Wearing sweaters and hats
made of warm wool ,
The elderly scared to go out in the snow ,
While through the house the cold winds blow ,
Coal fires blazing
Outside snow blizzards raging ,

Soup and stews bubbling
on our stoves
Fishing boats anchored
safely in coves,
Wildlife foraging for food ,
Children building snowmen
In a playful mood ,
Schools and businesses closed
because of the intense cold weather ,
While families gather safely together ,

Waiting for Storm Emma to enter the fray ,
To hurl and throw
While the beast is casting his freezing stay
Homeless people chilled on the street ,
Will our Government their needs meet ,
Where will they lay their heads,
The outcome I simply dread ,
Their plight continues on ,
This is all just so wrong ,
Batten down the hatches ,
While The Beast OF THE EAST
our country freezes ,ravishes and bashes ,


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