I have to get off these meds ,
They are playing havoc with my head ,
My jumbled thought process I simply dread ,
Prescription drugs to ease the pain ,
But they are causing so much turmoil
and mental strain ,
They won’t cure what’s going on ,
Just mask your agony and pain ,
Then the meds begin take hold ,
Into your mind creeps an eerie cold

You see life through a dull fog ,
You feel like a lifeless fallen log
Day to day it’s just so difficult to cope ,
Stay on these meds you lose
all sense of hope ,

There must be something
that doesn’t mess with your brain ,
But will alleviate ones physical pain ,
Are we to be lumbered with our lot ,
is there an answer to this I fear not ,
Unless we ditch these poisonous meds
Into a dark abyss we will surely tread ,
Those who have the power that be
please listen to us
Hear our weary call ,
Before it’s too late and we finally
stumble and fall ,

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