How I so loved the joy of being young
and having a carefree life
But then things changed
I met a guy and fell in love
In time we settled down
I became his wife ,
We were blessed to have two
wonderful sons ,
But things weren’t as they had been
right at the start ,
The cracks appeared and we drifted apart ,
So then it was me on my own
to bring up my boys ,
It was often tough
but they brought me so much joy,

Now that they are young men
It was time for my own life to begin again ,
Oh how the years have quickly passed by ,
I often sit and wonder ,
Why had Life dealt me the hand that it had ,
But Im so lucky
I have a great family ,
So everything wasn’t quite so bad ,

Then like a blast ,
Up pops up a message
from an old boyfriend from my past ,
So we met and had lunch and a great catch up ,
Talked about the craic we had
when we were young ,
A friendship full of laughter and fun ,
It’s amazing how all those years
we were apart simply drifted away
And it seemed as if we had
seen each other everyday ,
I’m so lucky to have my lovely Mam
Who so wishes my happiness she could plan
She said Paula my love ,
In your love life ,I wouldn’t like to intrude ,
But I lit a candle for you
and prayed to St Jude
That you will find the one true love
you truly deserve ,

Deirdre O Keeffe


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