I stand at the school gate ,
Begin to shake ,
just don’t want to go in
Another horrendous day to begin
How on earth can I cope ,
for me I feel there is no hope ,
I wearily drag my feet ,
Another school day I have to meet,

Some Children can
be so very cruel ,
Especially those in my school ,
It’s their way of saving face
Jeering those of another race ,

Peer pressure is very hard ,
They show off by being rough ,
Call me names
Taunt ,mock and laugh ,
Make serious threats

It’s really not very nice ,
Being pushed around once or twice ,
That’s how it can start
Then it races off the chart,

Children scared to go to school,
Being told that your a fool ,
Pushed up against the wall ,
Hide in corners in the hall ,

Tell me I’m just not
good enough ,
Always wear the wrong stuff ,
Do these bullies ever care ,
All they want is to see your fear,
will this nightmare ever end ,
How on earth can I defend ,
I don’t have a friend ,

The loneliness ,
Falling tears ,
shattered dreams
silent screams ,
Torn clothes , Scattered books ,
Glaring and vicious looks ,
Hair pulled out ,
dragged down to the ground ,
Afraid to say what’s going on
parents wondering what is wrong
In this school I don’t belong

If you tell it just gets worse ,
Cuts and bruises then to nurse ,
I’m so weary and afraid ,
I don’t want to go to school ,
Am I just a crazy fool ,
All I want is to fit in ,
Not the misery ,
I’m living in ,

Deirdre o keeffe ,

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