I stand at the school gate ,
Begin to shake ,
just don’t want to go in
Another horrendous day to begin
How on earth can I cope ,
for me I feel there is no hope ,
I wearily drag my feet ,
Another school day I have to face

Some Children can
be so very cruel ,
Especially those in my school ,
It’s their way of saving face
Jeering those of another race ,

peer pressure is very hard
They show off by being rough ,
Call me names
Taunt ,mock and laugh ,
Make serious threats

It’s really not very nice ,
Being pushed around once or twice ,
That’s how it can start
Then it races off the chart,

Children scared to go to school,
Being told that your a fool ,
Pushed up against the wall ,
Hide in corners in the hall ,

Tell me I’m just not
good enough ,
Always wear the wrong stuff ,
Do these bullies ever care ,
All they want is to see your fear,
will this nightmare ever end ,
How on earth can I defend ,
I don’t have a friend ,

The loneliness ,
Falling tears ,
shattered dreams
silent screams ,
Torn clothes , Scattered books ,
Glaring and vicious looks ,
Hair pulled out ,
dragged down to the ground ,
Afraid to say what’s going on
parents wondering what is wrong
In this school I don’t belong

If you tell it just gets worse ,
Cuts and bruises then to nurse ,
I’m so weary and afraid ,
I don’t want to go to school ,
Am I just a crazy fool ,
All I want is to fit in ,
Not the misery ,
I’m living in ,

Deirdre o keeffe ,




When I look in the mirror

I often stop and ponder

Who is that woman that I see

Is she a stranger

who looks back at me

I see a woman who’s eyes

mirror her soul

Who has shed sorrowful tears

Yet I feel complete and whole

My inner thoughts are deep

But the words I share with you

Are yours to keep

I am a woman who is older yet wiser

But i am full of vitality

Who strives to see the world

More positively

A woman who has lived

Through stresses and strife

A woman who has embraced

So much in life

A woman who trusted

And has been burned

But from each experience

A lesson was duly learned

I am knowledgeable and knowing

But as yet,still learning and growing

A woman who too has loved

And who has lost

But the pain Incurred

Was worth the cost

A woman who is strong

But who has made mistakes

Who will admit whenever wrong

I am woman who cares

Who really understands

And who will reach out

To hold your hand

I am a woman full of complexity

But also of kindness

Love and empathy .

There is no other woman

I would aspire to be

This is the woman that I am

I am just me




As I lay me down to sleep ,
I dread another night of counting sheep
I toss and turn all night long ,
What on earth is going on ,
As the shadows slowly dance
across the ceiling ,
I hate this awful weary feeling ,

I listen to calming music
Read a few pages of my book
At that dreaded ticking clock
I take another woeful look ,

I close my eyes and try to lie still ,
But that’s not working ,
Should I take another pill ,
Hour after hour passes by
I’m so exhausted I could easily cry ,

Will I get up and make a soothing cup of tea
I feel so bleary eyed
I struggle to see ,
Jumbled thoughts in my head
go on and on ,
This is all so wrong
All I want is a peaceful nights rest
This insomnia is putting my health to the test .

I wearily watch night turn to day ,
Please God grant me a few hours sleep
I silently pray,






As I lie here in the dark of night ,
I see a misty tunnel of light,
A voice calls out gently to me
Please take my hand
and you too shall see ,

I feel my soul rise and drift away
as It leaves my body here on earth ,
I struggle less than I did at birth ,
I’m going towards a strange dimension,
But somehow it feels just so right ,
A beautiful rainbow of colours now in sight ,

I sense spirits all around ,
My feet not touching solid ground ,
I drift through clouds of billowy white
in a radiant sky of azure blue ,
Is this really happening ,
could this be true ,

Then I see loved ones
who have passed on ,
I reach out to touch ,
But then they are gone ,
Beautiful doves soar through the sky ,
Then everything blurs
And it all disappears ,

An angel touches me
and softly says
it’s not yet your time to be here ,
There’s so much more
on earth for you to do ,
She gently reaches for my hand
Come let me show you
the way back home ,
This was just a glimpse
of the promised land ,



So much pain and agony
But I’ve been trying so hard
to put on a brave show
When I was actually
feeling miserable and low
Months of endless prescribed meds
Feeling I was going off my head ,

Then my GP suggested
Trying Versatis patches ,
So my application for same
she duly requested ,
But this wondrous pain relief
I’ve been denied ,
Do the powers that be
know how often in agony I’ve cried ,

Popping 22 pills each day
As a result of my neuropathic pain ,
My stomach unable
to endure the strain ,
Head aches ,dizziness constipation , nausea , stomach cramping
My ailments now beginning to multiply ,
causing even more medical conditions ,
All of our plights falling
on the deaf ears of politicians ,

They need to wake up and realise
these are health and safety issues ,
Or do they wait until someone
can’t take anymore misery ,
This is not rocket science or a mystery ,
To know how we suffer ,
One must walk in our shoes ,
This unending pain is not a path
anyone would ever wish to choose ,
This was a bad cost effect decision
that needs to end ,
ProfessorMichael Barry please reconsider ,
Listen to the imploring message
that us sufferers send ,




Written for a friend ,

Many years ago
Into the world
A Beautiful baby girl was born
Isabella to be her name
My life never again to be the same ,

Soft in temperament very mild ,
An absolutely lovely child
With such beauty beyond compare
With her lovely blond hair
And beautiful blue eyes
She brought such joy into everyones lives

On that momentous first day
Little did I know
That into this delightful treasure
My child would grow ,

Now a beautiful young lady
she has become ,
Each new day ,
I so gladly welcome ,

I truly thank God for the gift
of my beautiful daughter ,
This girl with such sweet nature ,
A Bond between us here forever ,
I will guide her and watch over
At whatever in life she will endeavour,
I’m not just her parent
I’m her friend too ,
I will love and care for her ,
her whole life through ,




It was fifty years ago
that this sad tale first began,
She was sixteen years old still just a child
carefree ,a little wild ,
She met a handsome boy
She thought they were so in love ,
he wooed her with his charm
Said He’d never allow her
to come to any harm ,

But six months later
his baby she then carried
he looked at her with eyes of hate ,
this he said this was not going to be his fate
told her she was now on my own ,
so off he ran and quickly skipped town ,

As her belly began to swell ,
how on earth her parents she’d tell ,
She kept the news for a week
But no other way out for her to seek ,

She finally told them of her tale ,
Her mother began to wail ,
Father ranted and started to shout
he was going to throw her out ,
On his family she had brought this shame ,
Their lives never again to be the same ,

They called priest to lecture her
Told her the baby she could not keep ,
So to a convent she would have to go
before the neighbours ,
Would get to know ,

Her pregnancy was hidden ,
Told it was a mortal sin
It was just forbidden ,
She arrived at the convent ,
With her belongings in a little bag ,
Her weary body she had to drag ,

Faced the Mother Superior
who was so dower and stern ,
Told there were lessons for her to learn ,
Glared and Said she was unclean ,
Told her this was not Gods way ,
So here for months She would have to stay ,

Said She had committed a mortal sin ,
Now her punishment was about to begin ,
To the laundry She was sent
Told shut up do not dare vent ,

Worked and toiled twelve hours a day ,
Understood She would not have a say ,
Never allowed to talk back ,
or on her back the cane
The nun would brutally crack ,

A few months on , and to her joy
She gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy ,
he gave her heart such a lift
Her beautiful son a true gift
For him her heart just so full of love

She stared into his bright blue eyes ,
Listened to his baby sighs
blew on a tuft of his blond hair ,
Counted his fingers and tiny toes

But three weeks later to her sorrow
Told he would be taken away tomorrow ,
She knew that this for them was just so wrong
She sat up and watched her baby all night long ,
To him a lullaby she sadly sung ,

She begged and pleaded for him to keep ,
They didn’t care just cruelly looked on ,
Uncaringly watched her as She wept
For her beautiful son
who gently slept .

Would he ever know
how much she wanted him , and truly cared ,
Such a short precious time
They both shared ,
Then that new day dawned ,
They pulled him cruelly
from her arms ,

Gave her no chance
to have that final glance ,
Of her beloved baby
She had named Jack ,
Would She ever get him back ,

The pain of her devastating loss
would always stay ,
Until they hopefully might find
each other again one day ,







I’m just so weary ,
it’s been a long night ,
There seems no end
to this weariness in sight
Mary has been so restless ,
And in a lot of pain ,
This isn’t easy for anyone ,
Its pure emotional strain ,
They call me a carer ,
But who cares about me ,
I sit and watch the hands of the clock
Listen to the endless noise ,
tick tock, tick tock,
Breaking the silence in the room
An eerie feeling of depressing gloom ,

We both worked and toiled
Our whole lives through ,
We saved hard to buy our home
Paying huge interest ,taxes and our dues
We did everything by the book
always did what we thought was right ,
A secure future for us we believed was in sight ,

But now for her nursing care
I have to fight ,
They tell me I must apply
for what they call a fair deal,
The bulk of our pension
And then our life savings they intend
to ravage and steal ,
And when that money is finally gone ,
Then a percentage of our house they will take

Is this really what they call Justice
and a fair deal,
I think not ,
Is this government for real ,
The harder you work and the harder you’ve tried
The more you are penalised for not living a lie ,
This is a flawed system applied
by the powers that be ,
It can only be considered a fair deal
if it applies to one and all ,
This I think most would agree

My wife is on a list ,
For residential care ,
But she needs nursing
twenty four hours a day
Now I watch as she lies there
In a troubled sleep ,
My heart is broken ,
I silently weep ,
Why has it come to this ,
I’ve asked for some aid ,
I try to do my best ,
But is it enough ,
I fear not ,
I’m so afraid ,

Each day a home help
calls in for an hour ,
This allows me time to freshen up
and take a quick shower ,
while she potters about
and does a few bits ,
Then she’s gone ,
And reality hits

Its just us again on our own
I talk gently to Mary but I don’t know
how much of what I say is understood
I find it difficult to gauge her mood ,
there’s so little reaction or response ,
I wish she could tell me
what she needs or wants
I Feel so helpless and lost
Without any hope ,
How long more with this ,
will I be able to cope ,




I look in the corner
at your favourite chair ,
Your place at the table ,
But your not there ,
The sound of your voice ,
Won’t be heard anymore ,

So many things
We took in our stride
As we traveled through life side by side ,
We never envisioned
how things could change
Now Alone
Life to rearrange ,
This feeling of loneliness
ever so strange ,

Then Life alters
in such a huge way ,
But You just carry on from day to day ,
think of the many things
Together you had always done
Now life on your own
has just begun ,



My name is David ,
Why am I not welcome in your park ,
Do you want to keep me in the dark ,
I’m just a little boy who wants to play ,
Go to the park every day ,
Play on the swings
and run around ,
This too is my playground ,
I didn’t mean to hurt your girl ,
I Didnt see her , I get so excited ,
My head in a whirl ,

So why then did you
shout at my mum ,
You made her cry ,
Why oh why ,
Now my mum is really sad ,
She knows I’m not bad ,
I’m just wired differently ,
I’m not able to speak ,
So some understanding
is what we seek ,

To my mum I’m special ,
I’m her little boy ,
She loves me endlessly ,
I bring her joy ,
My mum has for me
hopes and dreams ,
But life is not always as it seems
There’s often so much hurt
So much pain ,
Did you know David is my name ,

Life for us is very tough ,
So much stress ,
Endless pressure ,
Just say a kind word
A simple gesture ,
I wish you wouldn’t judge me ,
It’s not your call .



I sit here and think of you Mary
Our years of loss and pain ,
Wishing that we could have you
Here with your family once again
No answers to our dilemma ,
Just sad memories that now remain ,

A little girl who just vanished into thin air ,
Someone knows what happened
but do they really care ,
Mary and I are twins ,
A unique bond of love we shared ,

You were cruelly taken
in such a mysterious way
Our family chain now broken
For our family that was
a life changing day ,

Why won’t the powers that be
Listen to the truth of what we say ,
We need proper investigating
of that devastating day .
Time for cover ups and lies to end
We need clarity and exposure ,
The truth we need to have ,
We deserve final closure ,

So please remember our beautiful Mary
Who was an innocent
six year old little girl ,
End this life of cruel ,
turmoil and torment ,